The Experiment 2

Sorry if you encountered any malware warnings between last update and this; without getting too much into it, somebody did something to the ad code to make Google think it was malware, but it really wasn’t. Either way, it should be taken care of by now.

Moral of the day: don’t hack ad networks or drop upside-down cats.

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  1. ColdFusion

    That explains why so many unrelated webcomics all got that malware alert..
    stupid google.
    I love Scootsie and I feel bad that I didn’t know he was a boy til now.

    • Joey

      From what I can tell, it’s something with Hiveworks and Google. All the comics I read that are hosted on Hiveworks came up as malware. At least, all the authors mentioned it. I haven’t seen the issue, thankfully.

      • Kyatt

        Yeah, we were all hit. Thankfully, it didn’t knock us down; just made for a moderately annoying couple of days.

        • Connors

          Yup and it hit Paranatural too, I think they joined HIveworks recently, and it delayed the continuation of the previous page so that the childish punchline was that much funnier. So, it’s not ALL bad.

  2. the1truesushiboy

    Next, they affix a buttered piece of toast to Scootsie’s head. Then because toast always lands buttered side down, and cats always land on their feet, you have two opposing forces keeping either one from landing, thus creating a perpetual motion machine, resulting in free energy for all.

    Or they could tape two pieces of buttered toast together, that would probably also work.

    • Lego K-9

      Or butter both sides of the toast…

    • Kyatt

      I’m currently developing a new atom with butter electrons and a bread nucleus that refuses to touch the ground at a quantum level.

      • Connors

        I thought atoms never truly touched each other anyways? Or is this more dramatic than that?

        WHAT IF it could eliminate friction on a surface! XD

        • Connors

          Except you could achieve a similar effect with normal butter anyways. Am I overthinking this?

  3. damousies

    If scootsie gets paralyzed can he still make his angry face?

    • Kyatt

      Scootsie’s eyebrows aren’t controlled by muscles, but rather an organ that reacts to how annoyed and/or sideways Scootsie is at any given time, so yes. I think.

  4. thecupcat

    what if in like chapter 200 the comic would suddenly take this super serious dramatic turn with like love and jelousy and world-threatening disaster looming and 10 times the character developement? the first panel could fit into that

    • damousies

      I get the feeling that a certain robot is already a world-threatening disaster…

    • Kyatt

      Haha, if Beeserker ever turns super-serious, I doubt one of them will be running out of a bathroom holding the detachable hand of their robot while the other one is holding an upside-down cat.

  5. Mastercodex

    I’m looking forward to beezerker yelling “LAND ON HIS HEAD”, while cannonballing a scienceman

    • Mirby

      Hahaha I can see it already XD

    • Kyatt

      Unlike a cat, a Scienceman NEVER lands on his feet.

  6. Connors

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