The Apology

I know you’ve all been waiting for the Beeserker to tear somebody in half; don’t say that I never did anything for you guys. Strips like this one really make me want to transcend the strict 7-color palette set forth and include some shade of red; this comic is starting to look like a German video game.

Anyway, I’ve been fiddling around with changes for Trigona’s outfit recently, and posted them on BTI, to which I’m linking here.

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  1. The T

    I think the green blood makes it scarier. I mean… it affirms the Sciencemen are not human

    • Jestie

      Oh, and the orange blood didn’t?

  2. Humps-Freely

    In My Cognitive Psych Class Today We Talked About Voice Recognition Devices And 2 Min. Afterwards Came Across This, I Had To Hold Back The Laughter.

  3. Shammers

    Trigona’s expressions rock this casbah! I mean strip

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