That Slow Crab

In between chapters, it’s time for the obligatory plug. While my Patreon is mostly for Beeserker (as the URL would imply), it’s also in support of my weird games, so I changed the $1 tier to give access to early builds of games I’m working on. The first such game is That Slow Crab to the Coffee Machine, a puzzle platformer where you play as the above crab trying to reach the coffee machine in each level… it’s pretty self-explanatory.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’m working on, or seeing shelved projects that may never otherwise see the light of day (including a couple of Beeserker games that I’ll share once I polish them up a bit more), pledge $1 or more to my Patreon by clicking here.

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  1. Red=Peace

    That crab is so cute I don’t even

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