True Beeserker fans will recall that the Sciencemen can sew, but they’re just terrible at it (not unlike myself).

I recently asked fans on Beeserker’s Facebook page what their high score is in my new game, Scienceman Twins. I was floored to find out that somebody has racked up 1,517,200 points. Have you managed to get more? Is that even possible? Let me know.

In other news, yesterday, I updated the Beeserker store. Not only did I add that print of Trigona riding the Ursinerator, but I added a bundle that includes one of everything I have for sale. Twenty dollars will get you a wooden coaster, six buttons, a print, AND a unique doodle of a Beeserker character of your choice!

Also, I’m still open for commissions, in case I haven’t given you enough chances to give me money in this post.