Seeing Scootsies

Beeserker’s lying, by the way – an equal number of things would happen regardless of where they look.

By the way, this month’s Patreon wallpaper is coming soon, but in the meantime, if you’re a $1+ supporter of it, I made one post that contains all of the wallpapers from the last two years of Patreoning, so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of posts to get them all. You can click here to get them, and as usual, thank you for your support and/or patience.

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  1. Pirahna89

    Finally caught up with the comic, started binge reading this 2 days ago

    • Pirahna89

      It is the greatest

  2. Macumazahn

    To see what? Crow nests without ladders? No thanks.

  3. Dante_Lare

    Sick burn

  4. Soren

    I wonder… Was it the clouds that made the honey taste bad? Is it just bad honey? Or is it the fact that Beeserker hasn’t been cleaned since he first was created?

    • Dante_Lare

      They are ciggarette smoke clouds

      • Soren

        I know, but I can’t imagine that the layers of dried science man blood helped the taste.

        • Dante_Lare

          They have to clean thew beeswax out of him regularly, I can’t remember what chapter it was stated in though

          • Soren

            I thought they just let him puke it out.

  5. David

    big fan of the comic, but I think too many characters have been introduced. it was good with only the sciencemen, beelady, cat, evil cat, and robot. Also, I strongly suggest that the comics are numbered instead of named, so if I know I read a comic already, I can adjust the link to a higher number, instead of having to guess the name of the comic I’m on.

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