Ever play Beeserker: The Videogame! and wish that Trigona was a short Italian man and that all the bees were money instead? Well today’s your lucky day! I finally finished my Super Mario Maker level based on the first level of Sugar Rockets’ debut title. I even added some stuff, such as:

  • Ways to die!
  • Pipes in the foreground!
  • A bonus cloud area!
  • No dance button!

So just enter A925-0000-007B-67C2 into the level search and give it a shot! There are 99 coins hidden in the level, so when combined with the one you get for clearing the level, there are 100 total. Unlike the original game, you don’t to find all of them to complete the level, but if you comment on the level, it’ll show how many coins you found… so I’ll know.