Yikes, maybe “sporadic” wasn’t the best term for the latest update schedule. Anyway, Fist’s Elimination Tower will most likely be released next month, and rest assured, it will have plenty of bees in it too.

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  1. Steve

    It’s impressive how long you have kept this running. My artist and I just started out. I hope we can go even half as long as this has!


  2. Dante Lare

    a monthly update schedule now

  3. ColdFusion

    Whoa, that is a nice cool aqua green going on.. and blue eyes? man.. those blue scarves are so heroic now that that’s a zelda thing for some reason.

  4. mnmega

    I am totally expecting one of them to say “Hang Out” in the next page.

  5. Dante Lare
  6. Red74pure

    Omg, I found actual footage of Triggy, Teddi and Fairbanks going to HLC’s Castle

  7. Spycrab King

    We’ve gone from 16 frames a month to 4. Robot God’s gonna be pissed

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