This is where my degree in Computer Science comes in handy – writing pseudocode for a robot powered by bees.

By the way, this is a new month for the TopWebComics rankings, so if you wouldn’t mind voting today, starting at midnight PST (3am EST), I’d much appreciate it. There’s even a new incentive pic of Trigona, which I now realize has one arm that’s way too short. So click that conspicuously white button on the top of the page every day.

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  1. Steve

    Is that VB?

  2. Kyatt

    It’s mostly Java with an “end if” added at the end for some reason.

    • Swagner

      or C++, or C…

  3. Mark

    That code means flail arms always! Awesome!

  4. Sivli

    Sweet the bee robot runs on Linux, by the way I believe that’s a bash scrip or some other shell based language.

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