Professor Yellow

It’s been approximately three years since I started Beeserker, and I felt that the comic needed to go a different way – less beekeeping and flashbacks, and more cats vaguely shaped like Pokémon.

Which ImPokémon would YOU choose?

For more information about the Impokémon, click here.

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  1. Roto13

    Totally worth it for the eyebrows.

  2. Red_peace

    Happy birthday beezerker!

  3. DSBair

    Now… Are you a drone or a worker?

  4. red_peace

    Aw I was gonna draw trigona as a pokemon character when I got home.

    • Kyatt

      You could always draw her as another character – Bugsy, perhaps.

  5. Jason Poland

    The Squirtle Impokémon!

  6. Mirby

    Man I’m glad that these Impokemon are getting some use! I mean, otherwise it’d be like you drew 700+ of ’em FOR NOTHING (that’s counting alternate forms and stuff)

    • Kyatt

      Yeah, this comic is five years in the making. I mean, I started drawing it yesterday, but still…

  7. DSBair

    Impokemon Mystery Dungeon happens to be my favorite series.

  8. Mastercodex

    I kinda… I kinda want this to be an actual arc.

    • Mirby

      So do I, actually.

      Kyatt, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?

    • Kyatt

      I’m probably not gonna do a full-on spinoff or story arc, but I guarantee this isn’t the last time you’ll see the ImPokémon here.

  9. ColdFusion

    bees that can emit fire from nowhere would actually be a good way to power a robut

    • Kyatt

      Indeed. You know, there really are a lot of different Pokémon you could cram into a robot to make it really powerful.

  10. damousies

    I choose you scootsachu!!!!!!

  11. the1truesushiboy

    Best April 1st gag yet!

  12. MDude

    “They still escape through the vents somehow.” manages to be an amusing follow-up to all of these.

  13. Brian Russell

    I for one hope that the Sciencemen never stop getting ripped in half. It’s one of my favorite gags.

  14. Jety Lefr

    Scootseer would be pick. It looks pretty cool.
    Scootseed looks sickly, and Scootsea is half/n/half.

    • the1truesushiboy

      Those are puns, oh brother who defies them. Also, it’s ‘sear’, not ‘seer’.

  15. Zackaman

    A better name would be pokescoots.

    • Mastercodex

      Yes, but they’re imposter pokemon or Impokemon

      • Kyatt

        Impostor Minineko Pokémon, to be exact (Impostor Minineko was Scootsie’s pre-Beeserker name).

  16. Zackaman

    Or Scootsimon

  17. Ironpumpkin

    I only just noticed Orange’s eyebrow catching fire in strip 3

  18. Malacath

    They are using LEER!

  19. Eye yee

    I call squirtsie!

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