The bigger of my two cats, Biggie, has this horrible tendency to lie face-up with her legs straight up in the air. It looks like she’s dead, but most of the time, she isn’t actually.

Speaking of Scootsie, I know I’ve been promising that wrestling Scootsie for a while now, but I’ve been rather busy the last week (also, it sunk in that once I create these characters, I’ll never use them and have no way to directly send them to Brad and Leslie), but mark my word – watch this blog area, because some time between now and Saturday, it will be full of creepy short green musclemen with cat faces. In case you don’t feel like constantly refreshing the page to see if they’re there, I’ll most likely also post them on my Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter pages.

Edit: Here you go! Unfortunately, there are no tails in WWE ’13.