This is not going to be a permanent addition to their character designs – just the sort of one-off thing where if I ever make a Beeserker video game one day I can throw the centaur wigs/beards in as an unlockable accessory because they wore them in that one strip back in 2011.

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  1. the1truesushiboy

    Oh, how I do love swag.

  2. Hump-Free

    Nice Touch With The Backwards Cigarette.

  3. nightmarepumpkin

    bee girl has undergone a drastic swag implementation.
    and i think I’m diggin it

  4. Jety Lefr


  5. beeserkerguyYEAH

    great comic!
    sorry about the lateness, (i’m usually the first to comment because i wake up at 5 AM)
    but my laptop touchpad went to s**t.

  6. Dusty Muffinsss

    Uh I think you spelled “yo” wrong in the last panel. For some reason there’s an unnessessary “ur” at the end of it .3.

  7. Superface

    I don’t always swag, but when I do I swag handsomely.
    Stay swaggerin’ my friends.

  8. Daniel

    Scootsie’s holding the wrong end in his mouth.

    This being *Beeserker*, it’s the least insane thing in the strip.

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