As a comic’s cast expands, you start to remember that certain characters have been swept to the background for a while – one such character, of course, being the Sciencemen’s cat-shaped pet, Scootsie.

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  1. Octavio


  2. ColdFusion

    I am imagining her on a shelf with “Cat-shaped pet” on the label..

  3. grav

    i can see so many marketing opportunities coming from this comic
    dress your child or cat-shaped pet in our cigarette patterned jammies!
    carry them everywhere, in our exclusive beeserker papoose!
    and i know i’m not the only one out there who would buy handsome little centaur smokes

    • Kyatt

      Beeserker is, more than anything, a thoughtful satire about tie-in merchandising gone horribly wrong.

      …unless I one day get enough fans to actually make it worthwhile to produce and sell some of this stuff, then it’ll just be tie-in merchandising gone horribly wrong.

  4. Jety Lefr

    but it would be cool to have an army of beeserkers! (then send them off on a stupid/impossible/dangerous mission so you don’t have to draw them again until you remember you sent them off)

  5. the1truesushiboy

    Pootsie scapoose.

  6. Boywonderslover

    Hahaha! I thought he was saying “Scootsie Pah-poop-sie” with the straightest face ever. Then I realized what the contraption looked like, googled it, came back, and then found Kyatt had linked to it… >_<

    • Kyatt

      No, Pah-poopsie is the name of the green bunny HLC kept as a childhood pet that looks suspiciously like Scootsie.

      • the1truesushiboy

        Straight from the horse’s writer’s mouth. It is now canon.

        • Boywonderslover

          This is way too awesome!! /)^3^(

  7. Tony McGurk

    I wonder if my cat shaped poodle would fit in that invention of ingeniousness

  8. Astronaut


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