A wave of malaise hits the lab full of burning robots.

I added three recent pieces of Beeserker fanart to the stuff page yesterday, though if you’ve been keeping track of this blog section, you’ve probably already seen them.

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  1. the1truesushiboy


  2. Mr.Tophat

    That was resolved extremely quickly!

  3. The Code Crimson

    Hee hee, what a viciously adorable robot!

  4. Dusty Muffinsss

    Oh flops that was quick :0 i will simply believe we missed a load of action during the “Snack Break” strip

  5. Dorothy

    Hey, insanely thick lines return. Yay!

  6. Human being.

    I drew a picture of Beeserker. :T

    But will Beeserker keep his upgraded hands?

    • Kyatt

      Wow, look at all of those. Cool stuff!

      Beeserker won’t be keeping the hands – since the fists don’t open, it makes it harder to grab Sciencemen and rip them in half.

  7. Eye yee


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