Mel’s Still Around

Looks like I’ll have to go edit some tags this week.

For all of you supporting me on Patreon, I have a new wallpaper available to download. It features the cast taking a sail on the Ambroses’ boat-shaped apiary. Queenie even kinda reprises her role as Cap’n Fequine! All patrons pledging $1 or more can download the high-res version here.


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  1. red_peace

    Well now the bear has to be tagged Fairbanks.
    Cute name for a cute bear.

    • red_peace

      oh dear, I didn’t realize you pointed it out already. that’s what I get for reading bee-based comics first thing in the morning.

  2. Sander

    At long last.

  3. Dante_Lare

    So his name is revealed, I like it.

  4. ColdFusion

    Fairbanks’ Bear Flanks, available in stores everywhere
    You could just make the tag a synonym or something right? I don’t know computers
    Damn Queenie’s lookin cute in that skimplier outfit. I approve.

    • Red_peace

      Twiggy’s rocking that one piece.

  5. Levi

    I cant tell which scienceman is which

  6. Liverepus

    now i for some reason believe fairbank’s last name is “Alaska” yet he’s clearly not polar…grizzly?

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