Meet The Beegirl

I don’t usually use references for Trigona’s poses, but when I do, I prefer to take them from bald Russian guys.

Anyway, I’ve been sprucing up the site this week. As you’ll notice, the header has some pretty cool mouseovers and has a bunch of links that look like the worst Scrabble tray ever (I need to sign up for some sites whose names begin with vowels).

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  1. Caz

    Sign up for something that begins with ‘u’ so you can spell out ‘butt’. Hurrhurrhurr.

  2. Roto13

    Last panel is awesome.

  3. 478anon

    Trigona confirmed for Pyro.

    She doesn’t use the Ursinerator in combat because it might get scratched.

    • Kyatt

      I’d make a 3D model for the Ursinerator for TF2, but Trigona holds it differently than the Pyro holds his/her/its flamethrowers (it’s more like how the Heavy holds his miniguns). Also, I have no idea how to make 3D models.

      • Edit

        Perhaps then a mini-gun that shoots bees on fire?

  4. the1truesushiboy

    Nobody can outsmart a bee.

  5. Octavio

    “I am Trigona, and This is my weapon.”

  6. Broseph

    Gives that letter P on the fuel tank a new meaning.

  7. Nitromification

    I am flying bee girl, and this my flamethrower. She weighs 20 pounds, and it costs 1250 bees to fire her, for twelve seconds.
    Ahahahahaaa… Nononono…
    Oh my god, who touched you Urseinator… WHO TOUCH MY FLAMETHROWER,
    Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe. I’ve yet to meet one who can outsmart beellet.
    *mindless flamethrower rampage, accompanied by mindless laughter*

    I went and checked the video for the TF2 Meet the heavy for this.

  8. Toxic delirium

    Holy crap! This is the first strip that made me belly-laugh out loud! Still chuckling. Nice work, my friend.

  9. Markuna


  10. Eye yee

    Ba dum chhhhh!!!

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