HLC may be a half-dead horse monster, but he lives on through the magic of flashbacks.

By the way, as I mentioned yesterday (over here, or if you’re on the main page, just scroll down), I’m looking for some more guest comics to be posted this January. If you’ve been meaning to make one, but couldn’t last time around, now would be a great time!

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  1. Mirby

    but but

    i already made one

    also poor hlc

    • Kyatt

      Don’t worry, that one will be part of it. I’m just turning on the ol’ guest-signal to get me a few more.

  2. Zinaida

    He doesn’t sit, he just stands on a pair of short chairs.

  3. Mastercodex

    Oh, I got it backwards, she met HLC through this.

    Why does his pony tail(s) fit her pirate theme so well D:

  4. the1truesushiboy

    Looks like my grandfather.

  5. Connors


  6. korblborp

    …suddenly realized that sometimes -like thissun, ‘specially HLC’s face in dat fourth panel- the art reminds me of Ugly Americans, and that’s not bad.

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