Beeserker: Chapter 13 is going to start in a couple of weeks while I work on my new game, Fist’s Elimination Tower, which I need to make a presentable build for by this Saturday, at which time I’ll be showing it at the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire, along-side some other local game developers from Buffalo Game Space. If you haven’t seen my constant tweets about the game, here’s the game in a nutshell. I’m interested to see what the public thinks about it – especially how hard they think it is, which is something I can’t really figure out on my own, since I programmed the thing myself and have played it for months.

Also, I need to update Super Cast Page!, as it doesn’t even have Chelsea or Fairbanks in it.

PS: In the meantime, I want to do some more streaming, so keep an eye on Twitter for when that may happen.