I Am Beeserker

I finally finished you, chapter 12.

Beyond this, I’m not really sure what the future has to hold for Beeserker. For the last couple of chapters, I sorta felt like I’ve just been going on out of compulsion, and if we learned anything from The Simpsons, it’s that this is a bad look. That being said, I think I’ve left the comic in a good place for me to step away and reflect on it for a little bit. I’m not saying Beeserker is over, but if and when it does continue, I want to make sure that I have a good story set up for it – no more making it up as I go along.

I’ll have one more epilogue strip, just so that when people visit the site they aren’t immediately staring down the barrel of the tentative ending, but in the meantime, thank you all for your patience over this last chapter, and for reading the comic over this last almost decade.

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  1. Sander

    A wise decision, specially when you use that example. It was fun and I hope you’ll find inspiration again someday. Thank YOU for the comic.

  2. DwarvenJester

    Always leave them wanting more. It’s been a fun read. Looking forward to whatever you do next!

  3. Kalieum

    It’s a shame to see this (possibly) end, but yeah it’s better to see it end like this than meander on into mediocrity.
    Thanks for making what’s quite possibly my favourite webcomic over these past years, it’s been a great read.

  4. ColdFusion

    Aw man, I thought we were back
    but I totally get how you feel. You’ve been going for ages, so you’ve gotta take breaks and work on other shiz.

  5. Ductape

    Thanks for all of the laughs! I look forward to Beezerker’s maybe return in the future. Good luck in all of your endeavors!

  6. korblborp


    If this is the end of Beeserker, so bee it. I enjoyed the ride.
    I wish you well in your future endeavors.
    maybe I shall actually get good at Elimination Tower…

  7. Cye

    Please make that reboot with the coloured blood and stuff

  8. Red_Peace

    Thanks for all the fun! I’ll still be following you even if you don’t continue this series!

  9. Nightarcher3677

    started yesterday and already caught up

  10. Nightarcher3677

    i loved beeserker and your dedication to it has bee-n amazing. i respect you deeply, especially since i suck at drawing

  11. Isopotonic

    Man, sure had a good run while it lasted. Good luck on your other projects!

  12. MakoRelako


  13. yee yee

    is it actually over????????????????

  14. yee yee

    also, I remember the ‘shes a robot’ thing from all the way back…

  15. yee yee

    I am just so sad that it is over!!! KYATT! I CALL UPON YOU! MAKE 2020 TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY STRIP!

  16. yee yee


  17. yee yee


  18. Old Fan

    It’s been a while and, not gonna lie, it was a bummer to come back and see that this had ended. That said, I agree with the sentiments of not beating a dead centaur and leaving it with an open ended ending just in case you want to pick it up again.

    Thanks for the perfect comic Kyatt

  19. Eye yee

    I Finnish!!!

  20. Nelo

    … Rest in peace

  21. Edused

    Goodbye, you weird webcomic that I checked like once, twice a year after archive-binging entirety of it at once. Go sit there with other nice memories of comics like IAMARG! or cucumber quest and other possibly MORE weird comics that I can’t really recall right now. You did good, thank you and bee well.

  22. ColdFusion

    I’d be on your case about the whole ‘promised an epilogue strip so the ending wouldn’t be on the front page forever’ thing if I wasn’t twice guilty of that myself.

  23. SnuhSnuh

    This gave so many happy memories. This comic is great. There’s nothing I can do except: REREAD THEM ALL! AGAIN AND AGAIN! I SHALL NOT REST!

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