Going Up With The Ship

Just in case there was any doubt that I favor Yellow over Orange in the comic.

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  1. S.M.

    A decision that of course goes back simply to which stands out better against various backgrounds.

  2. McFrugal

    Wait, the forces at play there in the last panel don’t make sense. If their fall is being slowed by the parasol then whoever’s carrying the parasol will be pulled up. Mel should be holding Queenie down, not up.

    • Betrayer

      The parasol isn’t slowing them down, she just wanted it because it looked nice. They’re going to use the ursinerator to save themselves from the fall.

      • Dante Lare

        There is a giant robot powered by bees running on air, while pulling a boat made of beeswax, & you want to argue about physics?

      • Connorses

        That males perfect sense.

    • Jeremy

      I’m just imagining that there are bees underneath them where we can’t see (under Mel’s butt, most likely, seeing as he’s in a sitting position) that are helping to hold them up / slow their descent.

  3. ColdFusion

    Yellow always seemed like the leader to me. that’s why I like Orange best. I always prefer the Luigi.

  4. Anonymous

    Good thing they have Orange. That’ll prevent scurvy.

    • S.M.

      This. This is a good joke.

  5. leviteakettle

    I always assumed they had equal rankmanship

  6. Quetzalrofl

    That last panel is the most romantic and adorable thing in this comic 🙂

  7. Dranorter

    Somehow I’ve actually managed to think of Orange as being in charge all this time.

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