NEXT TIME: Scootsie breaks the gargoyle and has to pay off the damages by working at the burlesque house inside of Handsome Lil’ Castle.

…wait, Simpsons already did that?! I’ll have to think of something else then.

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  1. ColdFusion

    it’s okay, cats can parachute safely from anywhere they climb.. they’re like two mario powerups in one.

    • TheEighthShader

      Rainbows. Lots of rainbows. Throwing up rainbows.

  2. Connorses

    Meh. The Simpsons probably already stole it from somebody else. You might as well do your own version. ,’-y

  3. Dante_Lare

    You don’t tell cats not to climb, they will bitch slap you.

    • TheEighthShader

      It’s natures one law of logic.

  4. red_peace

    Trigona and Teddi working in a burlesque house….hmmm…

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