A Good Rustling

It occurred to me that when I redesigned the site a few months ago, I linked to my old, non-functional store. I’d just like to take this blog post to remind you that I do in fact have a current, working store right here full of things for sale! I may be too busy to update the comic on time, but I’m not too busy to fulfill orders and include little bonus doodles in every shipment.

(Well, I probably am, but I’ll still do it anyway.)

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  1. Highmax

    I think scootsie just sort of warps around at will…

    • Mirby

      Scootsie is like a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. He only moves when nobody is looking at him.

      What separates him from the Weeping Angels is that he doesn’t warp you back in time, he just appears and that’s about it.

      • Connorses

        Scootsie doesn’t only move when no one is looking at him, he moves when he’s not in a panel. He/she can see through the fourth wall.

        • Connorses

          Or, Scootsie can tell when they’re being watched through the fourth wall.

  2. Meganought

    That second panel? That’s just a great image for trig. Lots more detail on it too…

  3. Dante_Lare

    I bet it took Scootsie 10 seconds to get there once the ribbon came into play

  4. Quetzalrofl

    Wow, Scootsie is innocuously terrifying.

  5. Red_peace

    Is it bad I can hear scootsie purring?

    • derpy

      If you can hear purring and you have not already gotten a string to use on scoots… Then it may be too late

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