There was going to be dialogue in this strip, but in addition to not finding room for it, I also realized that it wasn’t really necessary. Actions speak louder than words, this time around. Also, you’ll have plenty to read in this blog section, as a lot of Beeserker-related things have happened since Tuesday.

Firstly, Xamag, creator of The Black Brick Road of Oz, did this absurdly cute drawing of Trigona Ambrose and the Hiveworks mascot. For some reason, people love drawing Trigona with her goggles on.

Next, a couple of items related to my game Scienceman Twins. I made six new wooden coaster designs based on various sprites from the game. You can buy them at the Beeserker store. There are two Sciencemen, Trigona, a raccoon, Bootsie, and making its wood-carving debut, the Beeserker.

If you got Shovel Knight this week, you probably know about Tinker Knight – one of the bosses in the game who throws a flurry of wrenches at you. That led me to make this video, showing what it might look like if Tinker Knight was in Scienceman Twins. (Actually, I did put him in, but to not invoke the wrath of Yacht Club Games, I’m not publicly releasing that version.)

One last thing – you still have time to submit a guest comic. Even if you did one previously, don’t let that detract you if you have another awesome idea for a Beeserker strip.