If this seems like a ridiculous waste of a strip, do remember that I also spent the entirety of one growing one of the Sciencemen’s hands back.

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  1. grav

    first time reader: “wait, so her stockings are alive?”

    long-time reader: “in addition to killing bees with flamethrowers, all beekeepers must wear striped clothes with faces”

    cool strip though

  2. Broseph

    So, why is this comic titled “Data”?

  3. Mr.Tophat

    … Where did she get the new hairband; seeing as the other one was preoccupied with making me trip all sorts of balls?

    • Kyatt

      There was a lot omitted from the sequence because including it all would require me to make it two strips or a double-length one, and seemed a bit gratuitous.

      …alright, a bit MORE gratuitous.

      • Mr.Tophat

        Can you honestly say that it would have been the most gratuitous thing you have done in this comic? Because if not; I think the audience demands to see it. By audience I mean me, of course.

      • Knick

        I agree with Mr. Tophat. I would not have minded a two-page transformation.

  4. Jason Poland

    #aaaaahhhhhhhhh (still had some scream left over from my tweet)

    I love this one! (I think it’s all those magical girl animes I watched in middle school.) Her eyes going all buggy, and the pah, tuh, keh, snuh of her gloves and boots. The best! sooooo goood! *passes out*

  5. Jety Lefr

    is that another bee egg I see?

    • Kyatt

      No, just one of those little firecracker poppers that you toss on the ground. Something to match the anti-climactic nature of her changing into what she wears all the time.

  6. Edit

    Question about the strip with the hand growing back: Why did Orange first talk in orange then talk in yellow with Yellow?

    • horerczy

      yellow was louder 😛

  7. the1truesushiboy

    The sound effects. Yes.

    • MasterEric


  8. Tony McGurk

    Those blue zombie eyes are creepy.

  9. Matanui3

    Implied Nudity Trigona? Hellz yea!

  10. Filthy Pazuzu

    I like the stocking monsters.

  11. Eye yee

    Ok what and why did you do nude anime changing thing

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