Crazy Hand

This week, we return to the lab, to see how the other hand’s doing.

In other news, Skreened is having a storewide sale this week. Today, everything is 40% off, tomorrow it’s 30% off, then 20%, and so on. This means that every shirt on my Beeserker Skreened store is 40% off until midnight PDT! If you wanted to get a Beeserker shirt, NOW’s the time!

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  1. Jedidusk

    Did you just kill Mr. Ambrose!?!

    • Kyatt

      Beeserker’s torso is a lot bigger than Mel’s – I’m sure he’s okay.

  2. Joshy Sky

    Dear diary,
    Today a Napolean bonapart joke was funnier than violence.

    • Kyatt

      Haha – to test this out, later on I’m gonna have to set to a Napoleon joke and have it end in the most gruesome way possible.

      • Jety Lefr

        That… I am looking forward to.

  3. Bropocalypse

    In the Beeserker Cartoon, the 1812 overture starts playing.

  4. Mastercodex

    >Scienceman points out Napolean bonapart
    Beeserkers breaks his bone apart?

    • Kyatt

      Haha, if I didn’t already have Saturday’s comic half-drawn, I might had to have stolen that.

  5. Red_peace

    Is it bad that I just want to hug the sciencemen sometimes?

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