That phrase is not to be confused with Scootsie Doo, the cat who solves mysteries involving spooky ghosts and such.

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  1. Mirby

    this implies scootsie would actually do something

    • BMunro

      Precisely! The Way of Scootsie is the Wu Wei, The Way of Inaction.

  2. Dusty Muffinsss


  3. damousies

    How is there a good conscience of a scienceman? Just by conducting their horrible experiments they’re horrible people.

    • Thetbone8

      But my good man, their experiments are for the benefit of humanity! Think of all the amazing things you could solve with a robot that is fueled by annoying yellow things, why you could advertise smokes, or even put him on a basketball team! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!

      • Kyatt

        If nothing else, Beeserker is a comic about potential…

        …potential and horrible decisions.

  4. Bob

    I’ve been ready this comic for some time now and somehow i just notice her eyes changes when sometimes. I must be an idiot just to this now

    • Kyatt

      I admit, the only things really consistent about Trigona’s face over the years are her hair and nose.

  5. the1truesushiboy

    And now I am forced to imagine that there is a church of Scootsie wherein the pastor would say such things as “Forever hold your fece.”

    • Kyatt

      This is all building up to the cataclysmic holy war between the Church of Scootsie and the Children of the Robot God.

      (…no it isn’t)

  6. Mastercodex

    Her eyes are like this cuz of all the glue?

  7. Human being.

    Was there any reasoning that went into deciding which Scienceman was which? e we;

    • Doctor Doc

      I think Orange is the Devil because orange is closer to red.

    • Kyatt

      Actually, it was because the orange was too close to the blue value-wise. 95% of the time, the reason I choose one Scienceman over the other is purely based on contrast.

      • Human being.


  8. ColdFusion

    It’s the same reason Peter Rabbit was chosen as pope..

  9. Adam

    I must have one of these bracelets

  10. grav

    Scootsie dootsie doooooooo
    where are yooooooooooooou
    sit-ting in the corner!

    and not really moving or anything

  11. Cyeborg


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