Between writer’s block (and associated anxiety about wrapping up this chapter in a way that doesn’t make it seem like a huge mistake) and getting Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition ready, it’s been a bit of a struggle keeping the updates coming, but thank you all for your patience. The fact that I haven’t heard much complaints about this shows that I have the nicest, most understanding fans… or they just all left in silence. Hopefully the former. It has to be the former.

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  1. Tes

    It is the former, take all the time you need. I can only imagine how long it takes to make games and I appreciate that you haven’t abandoned the comic entirely.

  2. Dranorter

    I like that last line, but i don’t think I understand it.

    • winger

      i think it means that while yellow is a clone (of orange is depatable) it mean he is not exactlly like orange. its mostly yellow even as a clone is his own being and does not think 100% like orange so even he can think orange is being a idot

  3. ColdFusion

    We’re still here! It’s just.. yknow, it’s a webcomic, these things happen. Bees Things Happen.

  4. Ductape

    Definitely the former.

  5. Anonymous

    I haven’t left. This comic is sufficiently weird that any way you wrap it up should be fine. Heck, it looking like a mistake can be a very good thing if it’s weird enough.

  6. Stampede

    Still here dude! I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows how difficult art and games are to produce so we totally understand!

  7. DrIslands

    The former, definitely! Life happens, and I’m just glad you haven’t given up on Beeserker 🙂

  8. McFrugal

    I’ll forgive you if you tell me how to get the last few bees in the cast page game.

    • McFrugal


      I GOT THEM! 77/77 and I fully explored the map too(though that is much easier). All it took was running through the game again on this new computer to get back to where I stopped, and I put 2 and 2 together.

      • Luck Heathen

        how!? that’s been bothering me for ages and i can’t figure it out!

        • McFrugal

          Have you discovered the one thing Trigona’s dance does? It’s not useless.

          • Fruitbat

            But how do you get the bees

          • Luck Heathen

            finally figured it out. Admittedly I had to look up a guide (a challenge in its own right), but for future comment-spelunkers: Trigona’s not-useless dance relates to the secret coin room that only one character can reach.

  9. Red_Peace

    aw yeah now I can enjoy tuesdays again!

  10. RetroFerret

    No worries. Your comic is, and will always be on my dedicated keyboard web-comic shortcut, that i check every day.
    I stopped reading comics, that tried too hard to just poop out comic sites fast.
    I rather wait half a year till you get going again, becaues you want to, instead of you just making the comic, so there will be new pages.

    Hope your game gets the recognition it deserves. If you want, i can do my part, by letting people play it on conventions (I have some local multiplayer indie setups on anime conventions here in austria)

  11. firsttimecommentor

    My first on this comic ever just to say I am happy to wait as long as it takes, I am way more scared that it might stop one day (A sad day indeed), I check just about every day for an update, not giving up

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