Bootsie is Real 2041

If you were asking yourself “is Kyatt bringing back Bootsie just because he appears in a game that came out earlier this week?”, the answer should be obvious once you click this link. That’s right, the much-anticipated (or at least, much talked about by me) second Beeserker game Scienceman Twins is now available to play! It’s full of Sciencemen, Bootsies, and Hiveworks cameos. See how high you can get up Beeserker’s science tower, and unlock seven bonus things!

In non-game news, I also opened a new Beeserker store yesterday. With any purchase of $5 or more (before shipping), I’ll throw in one of those Sharpie doodles I posted in the blog a while back for free, while supplies last.

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  1. ColdFusion

    Fun game! kind of shallow and repetitive but at least you get multiple lives.. even if I always blow through them in a few seconds.

  2. Asmodeus

    I tried the game the day it went up. The whole premise is fun, my main complaint is that the controls seem really floaty. Holding the movement key for a moment might send your character sliding too far, quickly leading to missing plenty of jumps.

    I apologize if it’s actually not the game, it’s possible my computer just makes the controls unwieldy, but the other Beezerker game plays fine. Still, fun game for a few minutes distraction.

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