Seriously, pretty much all I know about the lab is that it has a bedroom, a pink bathroom, a study, an abandoned spiky area (as seen in Beeserker The Videogame) and an infinitely high tower area (as seen in Scienceman Twins).

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  1. Mirby

    Don’t forget the multiple large holes in the walls somewhere.

  2. Red_peace

    Haha. Creator cameo.

  3. Mastercodex

    I would like to hug you kyatt

  4. the1truesushiboy

    I like to think that the omnipipes are robots too…

  5. LoganN64

    For some reason, the Next and Latest buttons dont seem to work properly for me for the past 2 or 3 pages, i had to click on the site title to get to today’s comic.

    • Kyatt

      Haha, most threads have comments that say “first”, whereas mine always have comments that say “first… and previous are the only working navigation buttons”.

      Sorry about that – I try to clear out the cache whenever I update the comic, but since this one was queued, I didn’t get to do that until just now.

      • LoganN64

        Oh, sorry, next time ill be sure to put my position/posting number in the comment to maintain the position… i guess ill make up for it with this posting:

        SEVENTH!… or sixth? i dont know if i should count the sub-comments… oh well i tried.

        Tsk! bad Kyatt! i cant believe your lack of effort in maintaining your site! just for that im not going to read your comic until NEXT UPDATE!!! but i tend to come by every morning to see if you got a new one… so… technically you still get me visiting as-per-normal… YOU WIN THIS ROUND KYATT!!

  6. Ironpumpkin

    I think this means the lab is Kyatt shaped.

    Or maybe the lab is Kyatt.

  7. Jety Lefr

    The omnipipes are still the second greatest invention ever. (Beeserker is #1 of course)

  8. Jack

    Pipe nightmare, isn’t that one of the SCP’s?

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