This arc is nearing its end – I’m not saying that in a “stick with this, I have no faith in these strips and you probably hate them, but they’re gonna be over soon” way, but more in an “I always get a little afraid when I do these strips that are so dependent on you having read earlier strips” way. Walking that tightrope between gag-a-day strips and an ongoing storylines gets kinda tough sometimes, and from a writer’s standpoint, it’s kinda stressful, just like… what’s that thing? That thing where the guy holds a giant pole and walks along that really high cable. Never mind.

Anyway, Beeserker’s Facebook page is getting REALLY close to 500 likes – we’re 99% there! As I mentioned before, I’m doing a giveaway on the page once it reaches 500. Hopefully we can reach it by Saturday.

Oh, speaking of this Saturday, if you’re in the Central NY area, I’m going to be at Anime Syracuse this weekend; not selling anything, just wandering around in costume and playing Mario Kart. I haven’t decided which costume I’m bringing, but probably Sniper again.