It’s been a while, I forget how Scienceman mouths work…

…or have I remembered all along?

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  1. Mirby

    Orange is just shocked by what Yellow is doing with his mouth.

  2. ColdFusion

    not Precious Memorbees
    or Precious Melissaries

  3. Connorses

    The mouths certainly look different. Less lines on the teeth when they are farther from the camera, for example. And red noses. Peeking back to older chapters is almost jarring. :L

    • Kyatt

      Fun fact: the pink highlights on the Sciencemen (nose/bottom of feet) were added to make their pixellated in-game versions read better.

      • ColdFusion

        That’s how we got mario’s moustache and overalls and hat. Plumbers knew someday pixel art would be a thing, and they changed their uniforms accordingly

  4. korblborp

    It’s okay, kyatt, I don’t think tge sciencemen’s mouths remember hiw they work either.

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