Actual Science

Beeserker went too far this time… trying to bring continuity into this comic.

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  1. Red_Peace

    lol, beeserker got booty.

  2. RHS0

    Damn, son! Now I’m all caught up

  3. ColdFusion


    crap those will take forever to hammer out

  4. Roto13

    I definitely read the first word as “Babs.”

    • Betrayer

      I’m worried about this “Scientific Meat Hob” Beeserker wants to learn about.

  5. Moustacheman

    What CAN kill them, though?

  6. Soren

    I am a Biology major, and I can state that Beeserker’s method would not work. You would need multiple trials in order to gather enough data to get statistically significant data.

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