A Lesson

This isn’t really Beeserker news, but this week, I dusted off Fist’s Elimination Tower, another one of my game projects (ie: made hundreds of syntax changes to make it HaxeFlixel 4.0.0 compatible). Don’t worry, having two going at the same time is still a small number compared to what I was doing last year.

I’ll have more info about it soon!

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  1. Dante_Lare

    She completely forgot how her dad got the Ursinerator.

  2. Red_peace

    Stupid pretty Fairbanks.

  3. Macumazahn

    Of course that’s the lesson, after all smokes ARE the answer to all life’s problems.

  4. ColdFusion

    somehow what I’m imagining Fists Elimination Tower is is probably not what it is

  5. S.M.

    I’m just wondering how Fairbanks got through the bear-proof door.

  6. MDude

    Leaving beeking to the proffesionals couldn’t have been it anyway, since she was specifically trying to take on the proffesion in the first place. Unless she also means she should leave the proffesion-initiating to the proffesionality proffesionals.

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