Alternate alt text for today’s comic – “Of course Beeserker is good at karate – each one of the bees it’s powered by has two black belts!”

In other news, I rearranged my commissions page to simplify it and add more Scootsies. Now would be a good time to commission a drawing from me. My birthday’s tomorrow – think of it as sending me a birthday present, and receiving a thank you card that’s actually a high-res image file of some character of your choice.

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It’s that time of year again. I’m going to be away for a while in July, and I’ll need some guest comics to fill the gap. If you read this comic and have one of your own (or if you just really like to draw and have an idea for some bee-related shenanigans), you could really help me out by submitting a guest comic, and I’ll help you out by queueing a bunch of posts linking the hell out of your site hours before my flight, if history is any indication.

Guidelines are the same as usual – the strip will be displayed as 900 pixels wide, so please submit a version that’s at least that wide (no height restrictions), feel free to use any colors/styles/media you’re comfortable with, and keep things somewhat work-safe (the example I usually use for this is “don’t make the Sciencemen anatomically correct,” but this time around I’m going with “don’t make Scootsie say the f-word”).

If you’d like to submit a guest comic, or if you have any further questions, send them to by July 1st. Find some time this June to sit under a shady tree and draw a bug-filled robot coming up with some flimsy excuse to rip people in half.

Much obliged,