Sorry about the lateness of today’s strip. I had to go to a wedding yesterday, and it lasted quite the while. Even worse, the bar at the reception only had Pepsi products – do you know how awkward it is ordering a Jack and Pepsi? It’s as awkward as a robot with two right hands.

Also, I had spent a while beforehand playing the Smash Bros. demo. I’ve been playing as Mega Man and Villager a lot, although I’m kinda terrible with both (partially because I’m still having trouble smashing with the circle pad).

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csxwallpaper-previewI’m thinking that there are people out there who want to support me monetarily, but don’t see the need for wooden coasters (I understand – I never used coasters before making them myself). For them, I made a Patreon page for Beeserker. If you have a dollar or two (or three, or any positive integer…) to contribute a month, please do! I made a Patreon-exclusive wallpaper for anybody willing to throw at least a dollar my way, and I’m going to make a new one each month. This month’s wallpaper features a drawing of a bizarrely demure Cosmic Scootsie X, the preview of which you can see to the right.

One more thing – on the off-chance that this Patreon passes the $100/month mark, I’ll bring back Thursday updates! That’s right, 3 updates a week, just like it was 2010 or something. So click here and become a patron.

Update: I added a $2 level that grants access to exclusive blog posts where I’ll share sketches from past strips, and even some rejected ones. I’ll be making at least two such posts a week.