Warp Zone

Writers block, amirite?

But seriously, as I’ve surely mentioned a few times, this has been a tough chapter to figure out, and I eventually got distracted with a myriad of other projects and such. I’d be here all day if I listed them all out, but primarily, I joined Instagram (slightly NSFW, since I post my figure drawing sketches there), I finally got a button making machine (been wanting one of those since the turn of the century), I took part in Inktober using two different prompt lists – one with skeletons, one with monster girls, and I set up an Etsy store. Right now, it has a bunch of buttons I’ve made, and two zines that I’ve made compiling both sets of Inktober drawings – the original Inktober drawings themselves are also available. My wife has a huge bin of crochet items that we need to catalog, and hopefully we can get some of those up in the store soon as well.

But enough plugging stuff. As always, sorry about the wait, and I promise I’ll be wrapping up this chapter before the end of the year.

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As I may have mentioned at some point, my new game Fist’s Elimination Tower is now available on Steam and itch.io. In the game, you play as a series of randomly selected contestants trying to make their way to the top of a 150-story obstacle course, and sometimes, special guest characters show up, including a few Beeserker characters. There’s no way to select these characters; they just show up sometimes… unless you enter a secret code I’m only sharing with you right here, right now.

To start your run as the Yellow or Orange Scienceman, go to the casting menu and name a contestant “DARNSON” or “DANGSON” and press the start button. Usually, this will start your run as the contestant you created, but with this codename entered, it will start your run with Yellow or Orange respectively. Can you take a Scienceman from floor 1 and bring him all the way to the top? Good luck, and… LOOK OUT FOR FISTS!