Raining Honey

The clouds roll in, and another chapter of Beeserker comes to an end. I might take another short break before starting chapter 13, since I’m showing Fist’s Elimination Tower at some local events next month, and need to get it in presentable condition, make a website that says more than “coming soon”, design and print some new business cards, etc.

Speaking of games, there wasn’t an update on Saturday because I took part in Buffalo Game Space‘s BGSjam6, during which about 20 of us made games about the wild west. Mine was about a prairie dog and wolf that took on the roles of cowboy and horse and titled For A Few Dogs More. You can download it for free by clicking the title in the previous sentence.

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Between a work conference in Vegas I have to go to and MAGFest, I’m going to be out of town for a while in February, and you know the old saying – while the Kyatt’s away, he posts the guest comics he begged for weeks prior.

Anyway, I’m looking for guest comics to post during my various away times next month. The guidelines are the same as usual – submissions should be at least 900 pixels wide and include Beeserker characters, but aside from that, go nuts! Please send your guest comics to kyatt@beeserker.com with the word “Guest” in the title (I get a lot of spam in that mailbox, so this way I’ll know this is either a guest comic or a REALLY clever spambot). Deadline is February 15th, 2016.