As I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, I wrote a rough outline of the rest of this chapter, and if I want to end it by the time I leave on June 10th, I’ll need to do 3 strips a week until then, so for the next two weeks, there will be updates on Tuesday, Saturday, AND THURSDAY! It’ll be just like the good ol’ days when I was young, reckless, and had a queue of strips to burn through.

By the way, there’s still time to send in a guest comic for that following guest week. If you’re interested in helping me out, you’ll find all the details here.

See you on Thursday!

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As mentioned earlier this week, I’m going to Metrocon next month, and I’m hoping to end this chapter of Beeserker by then (no more year-long chapters, I promise), making that the perfect time to put in a guest week as something of an intermission.

That’s where you come in! If at some time within the next month, you’re so inspired to draw a guest comic for Beeserker – say, perhaps you’d like to revive the short-lived Beeserker Facts segment, recall the antics of Teddi Ambrose and that giant bear I haven’t named yet, or some third thing – email it to by June 8th. Same guidelines as usual: any height/format is welcome, as long as the strip is at least 900 pixels wide, and when you send the comic, please include the name you’d like to be credited as and whatever links of yours you’d like me to plug in your post.

(I’m going to be part of an Archer cosplay group at Metrocon, hence the Cyrilman. Between this and last year’s Bob’s Burgers group, I’m convinced that my friends have some kind of H. Jon Benjamin problem.)