There was no update on Saturday, because I took part in this year’s Global Game Jam, in which I made a 4 player co-op rhythm game about trying to start a wave called Hey, Let’s Get A Wave Going! It’s playable with less than 4 people, but it’s best with 4. I also contributed art to a few of the other games our jam site, Buffalo Game Space, created this weekend. You can check them out here.

I feel bad about missing the update, but it’s been so long since I was able to work on a game, and I had to seize this opportunity. Just a heads up, if you’re a fan of regularly scheduled Beeserker updates, you’re probably gonna hate this month, as I’m going to be out of town constantly and haven’t gotten any guest comics in yet. Speaking of which, I haven’t forgotten about January’s Patreon wallpaper – that’ll be available within a week.

One last thing. I’m going to Las Vegas for the rest of the week for a business meeting, but I also want to fit some quality gambling time in, which is where you come in. I tweeted a poll yesterday, leaving you to decide what roulette color I should bet $20 on once I get there. The poll ends in 12 hours, and red is currently in the lead.