This strip is based on my experience with the weather over the last week or so (except I actually just got more blankets).

Slowly but surely, everyone’s going to sleep, getting ready to wake up to a new chapter… of their lives, I mean.

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  1. the1truesushiboy


  2. Jety Lefr

    I completely understand what you mean with the weather (what with us both living in the same general proximity).
    I love it though!
    Cold weather is best weather.
    “Brrr, son!” Is something I’ll say from now on. Thankyou for that.

    • Kyatt

      Yeah, it’s great – just takes some getting used to.

      • Panda

        I would metaphorically kill for cold weather. Our state has declared a state of emergency due to heat.

        • Jety Lefr

          If that’s the case, you can just drop the “metaphorically.”

  3. ColdFusion

    lucky flamethrower

  4. Red_Peace

    Stupid adorable trigona.

  5. Toxicdelirium

    Looks like me gf and her boxer

  6. TheChaotic1

    Her eyes just look like holes in panel two

  7. grue

    I believe others have said this before, but I’ll chip in that aside from a Beeserker book, handsome lil cigarette pajamas are the Beeserker merch of my dreams.

  8. LoganN64

    Gosh darn it son!

    Kyatt that “Latest” button is still acting up… get that fixed!

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