Head Count

False alarm! Chapter 13’s almost over, but not quite yet.

This week I’m teaming up with a few local game devs to take part in GBJAM 5, so on Sunday, you’ll be able to play a pretty neat 4-color game that I programmed. Follow me on Twitter for updates – I’ll probably be posting screenshots soon.

Oh, also, the next Patreon wallpaper is coming soon. I have it all sketched out.

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  1. Red_Peace

    Haha, oh scootsie, will your antics ever cease?

  2. Bonnie

    *eagerly awaits the Tugboat Scootsie storline* aww

  3. S.M.

    I suppose ribbons are the bear equivalent of pajamas.

  4. Soren

    I laughed, and yet I cried.

  5. ColdFusion

    Behind the bear is a good place for a scootsie. under the bear, not so much

  6. Macumazahn

    Scootsie, stop interrupting with you hilariously wacky antics.

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