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I tried a bit more shading than usual this time (ie: any). Do you like it? Does it fly in the face of everything you envision Beeserker to be and drive you into a rage? Something in between?

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  1. Tigt

    I think I like the flats better. They read more easily and clearly in such a small strip.

  2. Red_peace

    Flats. Definitely the flats.

  3. Ascension

    I actually like this shading pretty well, better than the previous line experiments, but I’m not wedded to it. Though I suppose we could still get engaged. I just need a little more time to decide if I’m ready for that level of commitment.

  4. Mastercodex

    Man, this is why you don’t buy handsome lil’ centaur brand crayons for your death robot

  5. Pigyman

    I love the shading, but the light source seems to be moving from panel to panel.

  6. Tim

    A dash of shading here and there couldn’t hurt, right? 🙂

  7. canyouguesswhoIam?

    who wants to be my meat shield in the event that beeserker uses that knife to cut a hole through and starts trying to kill every one?

  8. Method T

    My god, a Talking Bee. What have these Science Men created?

    • Kyatt

      Whoops, I shouldn’t have placed a bee there. That’s supposed to be a talking crayon box.

      • Mastercodex

        Though you can run with this and make the bees floating outside him at all times the ones that got effected by the residual bee radiation beeserker produces. This way you can introduce more characters without having to think about anything.

        But maybe I just like bee sidekicks to a bee fueled robot, I unno

  9. ColdFusion

    I like it! That’s good shading and it helps with the unusual pose

  10. Jeremy

    Man when I read this comic the first time I thought it was the bees that were doing the talking. And the funny thing is, the dialogue actually works for that scenario.

  11. Tarot

    NOOOO! The flat color makes me happy!!

  12. Lego K-9

    I like the shading in the close ups like this one.

  13. BMunro

    Perhaps the printer is clogged with bees? I know my printer jams quite easily, and that’s without large, sticky insects crawling around inside it…

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