Click here to download a tileable version of that trinket-filled background in today’s strip.

I’m in the middle of a lot of projects right now. I’m making some coasters for a couple of webcomics, putting the finishing touches on a new game I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m completely overhauling the cast page – that “random crap on the wall” motif is so 2012.

Essentially, I’m having a busy week, and next week is going to have a day LOUSY with elevens, so that seems like the perfect time to start the eleventh chapter of Beeserker. Take this time to catch up on the past 501 strips, check out some recently added fanart, or buy one of the Flying Trigona prints that I finally found after they disappeared a year ago. Miraculous!

Oh yeah, I promised an awesome pumpkin, didn’t I? Well, the Beeserker pumpkin carving contest didn’t have many entries, but it did have a fantastic grand prize coaster-winning entry in this double-decker Jack-O-Lantern submitted by Dee N.


Runner-up goes to this “pumpkin pi” sent in by Samantha J. – while it doesn’t really feature a Beeserker character, it DOES feature a groan-worthy pun, which I suppose makes it tangentially Beeserker related? Either way, it’s the only other submission I got, so it wins 2nd place by default.


Thanks and congrats to all both of you! Next contest, I’ll be sure to do something that doesn’t require entrants to hollow out a basketball-sized vegetable.