I’m heading down to Maryland for MAGFest this weekend, which means Saturday will be the start of Guest Week 5: Other People Draw Beeserker While Kyatt Drunkenly Plays Arcade Games in a Lab Coat. I have three awesome guest comics lined up for you – if you want to make it more, the submission deadline is tomorrow.

On the off-chance you’re also going to MAGFest, I’m hosting a Pokémon Stadium minigame tournament on Saturday at 2 PM. Don’t worry – I’ve been explicitly told that I cannot hit participants with a rubber hammer during Clefairy Says.

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  1. Red_peace

    Man it wish my art style was consistent enough to submit a guest comic, but I can’t wait to see the others.

  2. Dante_Lare

    I just love Trigona’s face in this

  3. Erhannis

    I’ve kinda forgotten if she knew about the robot hand?

    • Quetzalrofl

      She did not. Incidentally this may be my new favorite Trigona seeing-something-weird-and/or-terrifying face.

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