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As I may have mentioned at some point, my new game Fist’s Elimination Tower is now available on Steam and In the game, you play as a series of randomly selected contestants trying to make their way to the top of a 150-story obstacle course, and sometimes, special guest characters show up, including a […]

I’ve made some changes to the Beeserker Patreon. While the $1 tier won’t receive new wallpapers every month, they’ll get access to all the couple dozen existing ones, as well as exclusive demos to some of the games I’ve been working on. The first of these games is That Slow Crab to the Coffee Machine. […]

Between a work conference in Vegas I have to go to and MAGFest, I’m going to be out of town for a while in February, and you know the old saying – while the Kyatt’s away, he posts the guest comics he begged for weeks prior. Anyway, I’m looking for guest comics to post during […]

The Beeserker Patreon is still going strong! If you’re not pledging to it, you’re missing out on a lot of high-res wallpapers you can download and set as the back-most layer of your computer screen. Anybody who pledges at least $1/month to it can download a new exclusive wallpaper every month, as well as all […]

UPDATE: I’m going to Otakon later this month, and since last guest week was pretty short, I decided to just extend the deadline and edit this guest post accordingly. By some coincidence, I’m leaving for it on my birthday (the 23rd), and a guest comic I could post in my absence would make a great […]

Do you enjoy this comic? Want to give me money, but don’t want any wooden coasters in return? Does my cast page confuse and infuriate you? Then check out my Patreon page. If you pledge some money, I’ll give you access to cool stuff like a patron-exclusive sketch blog and a downloadable version of my […]

I’m going to MAGFest in January, which means three things: I need to finish my Dr. Mario costume I need to get really good as him in Super Smash Bros. I need Beeserker strips to post during my absence If you’d like to help me with the last one, I’m accepting guest comics for Guest […]

I made a new cast page for Beeserker. It’s an interactive Flash file that I formatted like a character select screen – it’s like Scienceman Twins, but if all the playable characters were from Beeserker and it didn’t have any actual gameplay. Click here to try it out!

I’ve done it, you’ve done it – at some point, I think we all joked about how Beeserker’s head looks like a Jack-O-Lantern. Therein lies the premise for the contest I’m hold this month. A pumpkin carving contest! The First Annual Beeserker Pumpkin Carving Grand Championship! The rules are simple – make a pumpkin (or […]

I’m thinking that there are people out there who want to support me monetarily, but don’t see the need for wooden coasters (I understand – I never used coasters before making them myself). For them, I made a Patreon page for Beeserker. If you have a dollar or two (or three, or any positive integer…) […]