Have you completed Beeserker The Videogame, but still want more Beeserker-themed gaming experiences? You’re in the right place! Here, you can download character skins for Minecraft. Relive that strip where the Sciencemen beat the hell out of cows with a shovel! (That never actually happened.) Click one of the below characters to download that skin. There’s also a fanmade Trigona skin available here. Thanks, Luxexel!

Not enough videogame reskinning for you? Here are some custom patterns for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you’ve unlocked the Able Sisters’ sewing machine, go to it and scan the following QR codes to get some Beeserker clothing and some of the portraits that are displayed on the cast page.

I also made some puzzles for downloadable 3DS game Pushmo based on the cast’s Beeserker The Videogame sprites! Scan the below QR codes with your 3DS in order to play these custom levels. (Hey, that one critter on Trigona’s card kinda looks like it has her hair!)

Speaking of the Nintendo 3DS, if you’re lucky enough to own one of those Club Nintendo 18 card cases, you can print out this custom cover for it. The outside is designed to resemble a pack of Handsome Lil’ Centaur Pack O’ Smokes, and the inside is patterned with sprites from Beeserker The Videogame. (Be sure to turn off margins if you’re printing these, since the cover does wind up being the entire length of a normal sheet of paper).

Download Outside Cover  Download Inside Cover

As if hundreds of strips of Beeserker wasn’t enough, I’ve drawn several guest strips for other people’s comics, and found the self-restraint not to sneak Scootsie into most of them! Check them out, and while you’re there, read some of the other strips that they made themselves.


Nerf This

My Cardboard Life

L.A.W.L.S. (again)

Robbie and Bobby

The Underfold

Go Get a Roomie! (NSFW)

Twitter: The Comic

Blaster Nation

Lighter Than Heir

Go Get a Roomie! (NSFW)

I used to have a few pieces concept art, wallpapers, and other Beeserker-related drawings here, but I found it much easier to just post them to my blog, so here are a bunch of links to it, sorted by character (expect some overlap).

The Beeserker | Trigona (aka Beegirl) | The Sciencemen | Scootsie (aka Impostor Minineko)

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve amassed a generous handful of fanart. If you have any Beeserker fanart to send my way, or if you drew one of the below pieces and want me to credit you as some name other than your Tumblr/DA handle (which I seem to have done often), contact me at kyatt ~at~ beeserker ~dot~ com.


Evan Hodgins

Artistic Platypus


Jety Lefr

Jason Poland

Mark Luetke





Rudy Mora

Jety Lefr

The Russian Spy

Sargon The First

Drawing Stupid Monsters



Sargon The First

Andrew Gregoire

Robert Lodge (NSFW)

Sargon The First

Robert Lodge (NSFW)

Alethea Lim


Malacath Kirkorian



Robert Lodge (NSFW)

Games By Nick



Josué Pereira




Robert Lodge (NSFW)