As I’ve mentioned before, when I created Beeserker, it was somewhat meant to be an allegory for alternative fuel sources, but then the comic wound up being more about ripping people in half and sniffing glue. Also, I do realize that there actually is a shortage of bees here, but what I’m trying to say is that there doesn’t have to be (also, that once they become abundant again, we can stuff them into a 8 foot tall robot).

If you haven’t checked out the site for Sugar Rockets’ upcoming game, Scienceman Twins, do give it a look. Several of my colleagues over at Hiveworks have kindly allowed me to pick through their comics for playable characters, and I’ve revealed several of them on the blog therein. When the game comes out in about a week, you and a friend will be able to play as the two Scienceman Twins and approximately ten of these special guest twins. This may be the closest you ever get to playing the obscure fighting game Queen of Hiveworks ’98.

One more thing – I’ll be away this weekend, so Guest Week III Part II will begin on Thursday. After that? CHAPTER NINE OF BEESERKER!

(Also, it may or may not be my birthday today. Woo!)