Chapter X is being postponed so I may once again participate in Hourly Comic Day, in which people are encouraged to draw a comic for each hour they’re awake on February 1st. This will be my fifth year of doing it, and since I’ll be drawing sixteen strips today, I don’t really have time for an actual Beeserker update, sorry.

Click here to follow along with my hourly comic adventures. I’ll add new ones every three hours (I’m drawing them 3 to a sheet, and scanning them when full).

In other news, my TV broke this week, so I haven’t been able to use my Xbox since Tuesday’s update, so no horribly misshapen Beeserker and Scootsie wrestlers yet. Fortunately, since the TV was part of a class action suit, they’re sending someone to fix it for free later this week, so look forward to that on Tuesday (maybe).