Don’t worry, the sun’s teeth regenerate by synthesizing and reintegrating the bones of people who try to mine them. This is basic astronomy, people.

Well, this is the last Beeserker of the 2013. It’s been an exciting year for Beeserker – I opened a few stores (mainly this one, nudge nudge), was a guest at ConnectiCon, where I met a lot of my Hiveworks comrades and co-hosted a panel for the first time, made another Beeserker videogame, made some pretty cool 3D models, and if that wasn’t enough, PEOPLE F’N COSPLAYED AS SOME OF MY CHARACTERS! Thank you all for reading the comic, buying stuff, playing the games, visiting my table, and wearing weird bodysuits and foam heads that are really hard to see out of (yes, I got to try one on) – you all made this year pretty great. I can only hope that 2014 is at least as awesome.

Speaking of 2014, there probably won’t be a new strip on Saturday, as I’ll be at MAGFest and forgot to build a queue or beg for guest comics.