SPEAKING OF HANDS (segue of the year)… I’ve had a hand in making a couple of games based on this comic over the years. However, I finally made a game that has nothing to do with it – hell, it doesn’t even have any bees in it. It was made for a game jam called Barfcade, for which entrants had to make a 2-player game about barfing and shrimp. For a while, I was tempted to take Scienceman Twins, swap out the wrenches for barf and the raccoons for shrimp and call it a day, but I figured that some if not all of the creators of the guest characters therein would object.

Starting anew, I made a game called jam-BRAWL-aya, in which two southern dandies barf rice, andouille sausage, and shrimp at each other until one can stand no more. It’s a quick and simple game that I assume has some depth and strategy to it – more than I know, apparently, because in the short window of time I tested it against an actual person, I lost every time. Give it a try!