Yes, Beeserker managed to rip away at least 51% of Yellow in the last strip.

Anyway, if you go to the bottom of Beeserker’s bonus stuff page, you’ll see that I added another row of fanart. Some new pieces, some old ones I forgot to add to the page, including one I commissioned from Shmorky. Not really sure if it counts as fanart if you paid for it, but the term’s a lot shorter than “drawings of characters from this comic that were drawn by people who were not me”.

Also, as I mentioned on Twitter, if you buy one of my new pixel coasters from the Beeserker store and type the word “snuh” in the cart’s note section, I’ll randomly include one of my six Beeserker buttons. I will literally open up my Pokémon Monopoly board, take one of the dice out, and roll it to determine which one you get.