I’m back! Like I predicted, I didn’t actually get a queue of strips built during my absence, but I did get February’s Patreon wallpaper done on time (see below), finally got to work on one of my games again (That Slow Crab to the Coffee Machine is coming first half of 2016), and all in all I’m feeling better about life. Thank you for your patience, everybody, and enjoy this month of strips that will lead to the end of Chapter 12 and Beeserker’s SIXTH ANNIVERSARY.

As I mentioned above, thanks to this being a leap year, I managed to post February’s Patreon wallpaper on time. It features the Snuhbee’s penultimate form, Beeckoning Scootsie. Patrons pledging $1 or more can download the high resolution version of it here.


By the way, I finally saw CHAPPiE this weekend. If for some reason you enjoy watching weird-looking pale people raise a violent robot with the brain of a child, I highly recommend it.