Scienceman (aka Yellow)

One of the co-creators of the Beeserker. The two Sciencemen are identical in almost every way, except for the color of their eyes, science jackets, and speech bubbles.

Scienceman (aka Orange)

The other Scienceman responsible for the creation of the Beeserker. The duo is rarely separated, except by Beeserker’s clamp-like hands.


Trigona Ambrose (aka Beegirl)

The beekeeper who supplies the Beeserker with a constant supply of bees. Her hobbies include sniffing glue, wielding a flamethrower, and occasionally wearing goggles.



An experimental bee-fueled robot created by the Sciencemen. Due to a series of critical design flaws, it has trouble containing all of its bees, and its voice-activated command unit often triggers at inopportune times.



A stray cat taken in by the Sciencemen. Scootsie doesn’t really have legs, but he does have eyebrows, which he furls in annoyance occasionally.\n\nHe doesn’t respond well to bee stings.



An evil mutant who was accidentally created in the Sciencemen’s lab. He goes by many names and takes on many forms, but most of them say \”snuh\” and try to destroy the Beeserker and company.


Handsome Lil’ Centaur

Half man, half horse, all cigarette mascot.


Queenie Ambrose

The matriarch of the Ambrose family. Queenie is much pointier than her daughter Trigona, and she has much less amnesia.


Mel Ambrose

Trigona’s father. Before passing it down to Trigona, Mel operated the Ursinerator, a legendary flamethrower with a bear’s head mounted on it.



A robot created by Beeserker. It is inferior to Beeserker in every way – for example, look at how inconveniently big it is!