I made a new cast page for Beeserker. It’s an interactive Flash file that I formatted like a character select screen – it’s like Scienceman Twins, but if all the playable characters were from Beeserker and it didn’t have any actual gameplay.

Click here to try it out!

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  1. MasterEric

    What can you spell with the letters F T D N A O E M R and S?

    • MasterEric

      It needs to be 7 letters long.

      • gilotyna815

        DO MEN FARTS

        or MEN OF DARTS I guess.

        also: FROSTED MAN

        oh yeah, it should be 7 letters long

  2. ColdFusion

    I feel dumb I haven’t figured it out yet

  3. JimmyBub

    is the password something witty or just random? I cant seem to figure it out. I did make the word TORNADO though :>

  4. BEELOVER1212


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