UPDATE: I’m going to Otakon later this month, and since last guest week was pretty short, I decided to just extend the deadline and edit this guest post accordingly. By some coincidence, I’m leaving for it on my birthday (the 23rd), and a guest comic I could post in my absence would make a great birthday present…

But I digress. If at some time within the next month, you’re so inspired to draw a guest comic for Beeserker – say, perhaps you’d like to revive the short-lived Beeserker Facts segment, recall the antics of Teddi Ambrose and that giant bear I haven’t named yet, or some third thing – email it to by July 21st. Same guidelines as usual: any height/format is welcome, as long as the strip is at least 900 pixels wide, and when you send the comic, please include the name you’d like to be credited as and whatever links of yours you’d like me to plug in your post.

Not sure if I’m gonna bring the Cyril Figgis costume to Otakon. Seems like the kind of thing you need the whole group for.